Steps 2 Health


We conduct 1 day, ½ day and 1-2 hour lifestyle and health courses at your work location office.

The topics on the courses includes the following:

  • A self assessment of your current health and lifestyle.
  • An overview of how the body at a cellular level works.
  • Your need to be determined to follow the Steps 2 Health.
  • Emotions and how they impact your health.
  • Diet: raw v/s cooked, acid v/s alkaline foods, low stress foods v/s high stress foods, juicing, sprouting.
  • Sleep.
  • Exercise.
  • Meditation/ relaxation.
  • Stressful reactions.
  • Water.
  • Eliminating waste products from the body.
  • An example of a 3 day diet.


Tim Coard is an experienced naturopath and adult educator who facilitates an engaging and passionate session to encourage you on the Steps 2 Health.

Up to 25 people can attend the courses.

1 day course: $150 per person.
½ day course: $80 per person.
1-2 hour sessions: $50 per person.